Bokar du en treboll får man ibland räkna med sällskap som inte alltid på förhand är bekant. Våra Hillsare Katarina Sjödell och Martin Håkansson fick tillsammans med Katarinas bror Fredrik Sjödell nyligen en oväntad fjärde spelare i bollen genom Europatourproffset Pep Angles (iklädd Nike-keps). Efter att ha klarat kvalet till Europatouren i höstas, spelar Pep Angles nu på touren och förberedde sig inför Nordea Masters genom ett inspelningsvarv. 

Det var oväntat sällskap för oss, men jättekul att spela med ett proffs. Pep var dessutom väldigt trevlig mot oss andra i bollen och tog sig tid att förklara hur han tänker inför olika slag. Vi såg dessutom banan delvis ur ett nytt perspektiv när vi följde med honom till back tee inför många utslag, berättar Katarina Sjödell.

Pep Angles gav även Hills positiv feedback efter sitt besök:

The Hills has an impressive lay out, the views are superb and you can play most holes in different ways which makes it really fun. I found a challenge hitting lots of drivers on long holes from up the hill, driving it straight down where the ball stays in the air for a long time and with curly winds it can be tricky. I enjoyed all 5 par 3s, each of them has something on the design that will make you think.

– How come you visited Sweden and Gothenburg now, was it only to play the Hills?
My girlfriend is from Halmstad so I came to see her and spend some time together, therefore I also prepared a couple days here at Hills to do some homework and get a bit ahead for the Nordea Masters. It was great, the club, all the staff treated me excellent, had a good time doing the prep and using the fantastic facilities.
– What is your take on the course?
I really enjoyed the lay out, it has some really challenging holes specially when the breeze picks up a little, and you have to hit it long and also place it in certain spots to attack the greens which some are relatively narrow coming in with medium-long irons. I believe the par3 scoring will take a huge part in the player’s rounds.
– Any hole in particular that is your favourite, and why?
Tough one, I have a few, but I would say 11th has an interesting design hitting first down and then up with a wedge into a blind green, and also 12th.. nice little par 4 that you can play it in different ways, lay up or try to hit the green in one, but it’s well defended by a water hazard short and left and bunkers on the right. Great short fun hole.
– Are you looking forward to playing the Nordea Masters in August?
Definitely, it’s one of my favourite events, I really like Sweden and it will be good fun to be part of it one more year, I will enjoy the challenge that Hills GC will present, I’m sure it will be a good week.